Incognito Braces

At Chestermere Station Orthodontics, we understand that traditional metal braces may make some users self-conscious about their appearance. An alternative would be Incognito Braces (also called lingual braces), which are placed on the back of your teeth so they cannot easily be seen.

Why Choose Incognito Braces?

Because Incognito Braces are placed behind your teeth, no one will notice you are wearing them! These braces are entirely 100% customized and can give you a beautiful smile, even while you are wearing them.

They are perfect for the following:

  • Adult professionals
  • Teenagers
  • Athletes
  • Musicians

They are custom-fit to each patient, which ensures a higher level of patient comfort. Aesthetically, they are an excellent option for those who would not feel confident wearing traditional metal braces. They are incredibly convenient for those involved in contact sports, the media or those involved in music.

Who Can Wear Incognito Braces?

Just about anyone can wear Incognito Braces.  Whether you are 13 or over 60, from students to professionals, anyone who wants to improve their dental health and their smile is a good candidate for these braces.

How Does It Work?

It works by placing the brackets on the back side of your teeth instead of the front. The good news is they are not visible from the front. Just like traditional braces, these lingual braces straighten your teeth using the same amount of pressure and time as conventional metal braces. The braces are customized to fit your unique mouth, and your existing teeth are used to make an impression, which is then sent to a laboratory where computerized equipment custom-creates the metal brackets that fit on the back of each of your teeth.

When the brackets are returned to Dr. Huynh from the lab that created them, he will then cement them into place, and you are now on your way to a beautiful new smile!

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